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Sixth Day Vet Practice is honored to be a Bargersville farm veterinarian. Dr. Emily Williamson and her assistants understand that all animals benefit from having regular pet checkups, and they put as much effort into caring for your farm animals as they do dogs and cats. We know how important each and every one of your animals are to your family and life, we want to make sure they all stay as healthy as possible.


Animals We Treat

As a farm veterinarian, we treat more than your normal house pet. We also treat horses, cattle, donkeys, goats, chickens, an any other variety or animals you may house. If you aren't sure we can handle yours, give us a call and ask. We’ll be glad to come out and offer service to several critters at once. This saves you both time and money making your life easier. It also saves stress for both the animals and you. Many animals are stressed outside their area in an unfamiliar location. This causes you even more stress along with already worrying about their health. Especially true of many farm animals, who are unlikely to have ever been off the farm. Add in a strange person taking blood or performing other tests and your poor critter is highly agitated. 

On the Move

You can't exactly load your horse into the car and bring him in. We understand this and that’s why we offer our fantastic mobile vet service. Mobile service provided to the surrounding areas of Johnson, Morgan, Marion, Brown, and Shelby. As your Bargersville farm veterinarian, you can count on us to be there when you need us. Our fully-equipped mobile service is capable of onsite blood work, radiology, ultrasound, dental, vaccinations, euthanasia, hospice care, and most surgeries. Many animals find a clinic visit too stressful and our mobile unit takes some of that stress away by treating them in the area they are most familiar with.

Farm Veterinarian in Bargersville

If you are looking for a farm veterinarian in Bargersville, IN that is trustworthy whether you have a dog in need of shots or a cow facing a difficult birth, give us a call. Meet our dedicated staff set up and appointment for either a clinic visit or our mobile unit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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